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Become a Poll Watcher / Officer of Election

Poll Watchers and Officers of Election are critical to the successful management of elections and for election integrity. It is important for safe and secure elections that Republicans are solidly represented at every election to ensure that proper procedures are followed. Please consider giving some of your time on election day or during the early voting period.

Poll Watcher

As a poll watcher your role is to simply observe. It is a vital role ensuring that we have a witness to the election process. Two forms should be in your possession while inside the precinct building. An authorization form as an Election Day volunteer from the Spotsy GOP Committee Chair and an Incident Report form in case you see something suspect. These forms will be supplied to you. You will receive training regarding your role as Poll Watcher, what to watch for, and how to report any issues you observe. Click to button below to request more information or volunteer as a Poll Watcher.

Officer of Election

The Spotsylvania County Director of Elections and Electoral Board are seeking individuals to serve as “Officer of Election” and "Voting Machine Officer of Election " to work at the polls this Election Day. Election Officers work at the polls on Election Day to ensure elections are run in an honest and well-organized manner.


Election Officers are appointed by the County Electoral Board with a one year term starting March 1st of each year. You will be compensated for working Election Day, and for attending the training session.

To apply, please call the Spotsylvania County Office of Elections at 540-507-7380 or 540-507-7383. Ask for Valerie -  540-507-7383,

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