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HAPPENING NOW - Go Vote In Person!
This is not a typo!
Go Vote Securely IN-PERSON at the Satellite Election Office 
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturdays: October 23rd and October 30th: Noon to 5:00 p.m.
4924 Southpoint Pkwy.
Fredericksburg, VA 22407-2659
(A few doors down from our victory office)


New laws allow any registered voter to vote in-person and early without providing an excuse.  It's absolutely crucial you vote early this year IN-PERSON. Here's why: 

  • Voting early in-person is just as secure as voting in-person on election day.

  • On average, campaigns will spend at least $5 per person in direct mail, targeted digital ads to your IP address, etc. By voting early, you'll be removed from the GOTV list. This means our Republican ticket can shift crucial resources to turning out the remainder of the base and focus on persuading independents/undecideds. 

  • That's over $49,700 saved by our candidates if everyone reading this votes within the next several days! 

  • Are you worried about election fraud? By voting early, you guarantee no one else can successfully request a ballot under your name via-mail or in-person as you'll be crossed off the voter list for already voting. Learn why that matters from the former Elections & Committee Chairman of the House of Delegates. "Last election I heard from several people who went to vote on Election Day only to be told they had already voted and could not vote again.  I do not know if this was due to voter fraud or errors by the Department of Elections, but the votes of those people were suppressed!" - Delegate Mark Cole.

  • If that wasn't enough, we're giving away a free Youngkin/Sears/Miyares bumper sticker or yard sign* to everyone who swings by the victory center after they vote. Just show your "I Voted" sticker from the satellite office. (We're in the same building as the Satellite Office Voting Location. Just look for all the Republican signs!)

So please, vote at your earliest convenience! Don't wait until Election Day and risk having an emergency situation (or traffic jams) prevent you from voting.


After you've voted, please share this information with your conservative friends and family members and encourage them to vote as well. 

P.S. Help our election efforts by pitching in $5, $50, or more towards our 2021 Victory Fund right away.  

*While supplies last.


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