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Board of Supervisors

Paul Trampe on the issues

  • Supports our public schools and votes for more education funding

  • Stands for lower taxes that will increase economic growth

  • Believes in impact fees to meet the pressures of development

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Paul Trampe studied at Cornell and George Mason. He has taught public policy and worked for the administration, Congress, and the DOD. He now represents Salem on the Board of Supervisors.

School Board

Chris Snider on the issues

  • Wants to put students first by spending taxpayer dollars in the classroom, not on bureaucracy, admin and waste

  • Advocates for less standardized testing

  • Supports career and technical education

  • Plans to improve safety for students

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Chris Snider has 18 years of service in federal, state and local government. Chris is also a father to children who attend Spotsylvania County Public Schools and a local volunteer.


Board of Supervisors

Barry Jett on the issues

  • Supports more growth-planning to protect quality of life for Spotsylvanians

  • Wants to improve road safety, traffic and first-response capability

  • Supports transparency by returning line-item budgets in all departments


Barry Jett has served with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office for 23 years, where he helped manage the budget. Jett lives with his 3 children in Livingston, where he has lived his whole life.

School Board

Kirk Twigg on the issues

  • Values teachers (has voted for a 12% pay increase over 4 years)

  • Eliminated pay-for-play and improved transparency and accountability

  • Connected sponsors to schools

  • Brought after-school buses back

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Kirk Twigg is married and has two children. You will often find him on weeknights volunteering at local sporting events.


Board of Supervisors

David Ross on the issues

  • Has improved infrastructure and transportation, especially on Route 3

  • Has diversified revenue streams for county and fought wasteful spending

  • Increased teacher pay and funded the hiring of more teachers

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David is a retired Marine aviator with expertise in leadership and managing budgets. David now works in software at Quantico and represents Courtland on the Board of Supervisors.

School Board

Rabih Abuismail on the issues

  • Wants to better-allocate funds to teachers, students and classrooms

  • Plans to work with sheriff's office to foster a safer learning environment

  • Envisions a fresh, positive relationship between school and community

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Rabih Abuismail attended K-12 in Spotsylvania and studied political science at Germanna and UMW. Rabih founded Mouths of Manna to provide students meals, and regularly volunteers.


School Board

Phillip Scott on the issues

  • Wants to improve safety for children on buses and in schools

  • Advocates for a line-by-line budget to ensure tax dollars are well spent

  • Plans to expand Career Training Center and learning opportunities

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Phillip Scott has served as a treasurer and president of his community's board of directors. He lives with his wife and four daughters, three of whom attend Brock Road Elementary School.


Roger Harris on the issues

  • Committed to serve and partner with the Spotsylvania community

  • Stands for the protection of life and property, and reducing fear of crime

  • Seeks to uphold Virginia's laws and the Constitution of the United States

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Roger Harris has 42 years of law enforcement experience, including 25 years of undercover narcotics investigations. He has broad training and is an active member of the community.

Commonwealth's Attorney

Travis Bird on the issues

  • Travis believes in Tough but Fair Justice.  His office has consistently held offenders accountable for their actions in his tenure.  It has been reflected in 4 years of a declining crime rate.  His office also uses the most alternative programs in the region for those deserving of a second chance or rehabilitation.

  • His office is the largest participant in the regional Drug Court program. (To help fight the current opioid crisis)

  • His office has the only Veterans Court program in the region. (1 of only 4 in the state)

  • His office has the only first offender misdemeanor program with the jail in the region.  The SLATE (Spotsylvania Litter and Trash Elimination) Program which has offenders perform community service by cleaning the county's roadways in lieu of a conviction.

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Travis Bird studied criminology at Florida State University and law at the University of Miami. He has over 15 years of prosecution experience and was previously an assistant public defender and probation officer prior to that.

Constitutional Officers

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