Youth & Junior

Not Old Enough to Vote? No worries, you can still be involved!

If you’re not yet old enough to vote, you can still be involved with the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee!

“Youth Republicans” of Spotsylvania County, Ages 12 – 18

Youth Republicans (“Y.R.’s”) of Spotsylvania County keep busy throughout the year and are very friendly, highly reliable, energetic and helpful young men and women! We are so proud of the hard work they do for the Party and the selfless giving of their time and energy. Spotsylvania is blessed to have such a strong group of future leaders rising through our ranks while learning how the core of democracy functions as they grow into an adult leadership role of self-reliance, responsibility and civic duty.

Whether in middle school or high school, you can contribute to the Youth Republicans!


“Junior Republicans” of Spotsylvania County, Ages below 12

Junior R’s (“J.R.’s”) of Spotsylvania County are equally as helpful and important to our party as the Y.R.’s. J.R.’s, often in elementary or middle school, can make a day of adult volunteering at a poll a lot less stressful for a parent who may otherwise be unable or unwilling to be away from their child. A maturing young person like this is often bursting with energy and happy to do the more repetitive tasks like stuffing envelopes; usually with fewer complaints than many adults! While working with mom or dad, or nearby with other adults, parents can observe their youngster’s interpersonal skills and help improve them as needed. Encouraging a J.R. to participate with the process we Americans hold dear is a great way to ensure your child grows up knowing and understanding the core Republican principals and how they affect their lives.

J.R.’s also serve as a great proving test for our Y.R.’s leadership skills when given tasks or deadlines to meet that are beyond what one Y.R. can handle. Since often they are the younger siblings of our Y.R.’s, who are working on campaign duties or events, they help teach patience and responsibility to everyone involved and foster teamwork skills among families during “crunch times”. Happy families who set an example of togetherness will help earn votes at polls or while campaigning door-to-door.