Press Release!!! Berkeley Debate

I am totally disappointed and in a state of unbelief by the choice of moderator Eric Martin for the Berkeley debate to be held at the American Legion Hall planned for October 17th. The planned moderator has for the past 2 plus years done nothing but slander and undermine in every way possible Spotsylvania County Republican Candidates, Nominees, and Elected Representatives. From falsely accusing members of criminal charges, stealing the local GOP website claiming it his own, to publicly supporting candidates opposed to our Republican Nominees – the identified “moderator” is anything but moderate toward the Republican Party. It is shameful to the organizers of this debate to have selected this moderator and expect the debate to be anything but slanted, biased against our values, and unfair.

Eric Martin has been “removed ” from the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee for supporting candidates other than our nominee. Just how moderate do you think he will be? I will have nothing to do with this outrageous display of prejudice and bias and encourage others to do the same.

Dale Swanson
Spotsylvania County Republican Committee

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