The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee welcomes all registered voters in the county who share our core beliefs to join the committee. We have something for everyone in the leadership process we promote, and YOU can be the person to make things better for the whole country. It all starts here!

To Join, you need to attend three meetings at which point you may choose to be presented for election onto the Committee. You can then download the Membership Application here, and provide the completed application to any Officer of the Committee. Membership fees are only $20 a year.

If you just want to be part of the discussion and desire to promote our Republican principles, please feel free to attend any of our meetings. Meeting dates are posted on the Home Page.



Republican views on education involve a variety of overarching ideas. First, republicans believe in a restructuring of higher education, which would leave more students equipped for their desired fields and less working minimum wage jobs that are irrelevant to their education. Next, they believe in limiting the federal government in education. This includes getting rid of federal student loans, and having only private loans. Republicans also support school choice and home schooling programs. Overall, Republicans believe strongly in an educational system that will provide higher education to those whose achievements deserve it, and that will give students the environment they want and need to succeed both in and beyond higher education.

Republicans also support initiatives that increase benefits to students who are taking more difficult courses, form partnerships with colleges and universities in an effort to improve science and math programs, and attract math, science, and engineering students to attend lower-income schools. Republicans support abstinence education when it comes to sex-education, believing this is the only sure way of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. They believe all family planning education programs should be replaced with abstinence programs.

Republicans also believe in an “English First” approach to education, believing programs that divide students whose first language is not English prevents them from becoming accustomed to mainstream American classrooms and culture, and therefore limits their ability to advance in society. Most of all, republicans believe that a students educational opportunities need to depend on their talent and motivation as a student, and not where they live or their income level.


Republican views on abortion are rooted firmly in the belief that an unborn child, like any individual in this country, has an individual right to life that should not be infringed upon by others. The party adamantly believes that the rights guaranteed to all Americans in the Fourteenth Amendment apply to unborn children as well. They support a constitutional amendment which states this, and which will end abortion entirely. Republicans oppose using public revenues to promote or carry out abortions, and also oppose any health care options that include the coverage of abortion. Instead, republicans support tax incentives for those who choose adoption over abortion.  However, the republican pro-life agenda, as stated in their 2004 party platform, does not include punitive action against women who have an abortion. In fact, republicans wish to provide women with problem pregnancies with the resources and support they need, as long as it is not infringing on the rights of their children. The party’s agenda is solely to pass legislation to defend the rights outlined in the Fourteenth Amendment for unborn children.


The Republican platform on abortion has four main elements, which have been fought for, ever since they were outlined in the 1984 platform. They are: that an unborn child has a “fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed,” the endorsement of a “human life” constitutional amendment, which would ban abortion, a call for judges who “respect human life” by supporting such an amendment, and new laws to state that the fetus is a “person” under the 14th Amendment. While the current Republican Party platform contains no exceptions for rape, incest, birth defect, or risks to the mother’s health, these issues are controversial even within the party, with some republicans believing in exceptions for these cases, and others holding a very firm pro-life stance.

As a means of fighting towards an abortion ban, republicans work at the federal level to defund abortion, and have even reached into the private sector by encouraging health insurance providers to not cover abortions. They seek Supreme Court justices who are likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, and push for incremental laws that are progressively stronger, hoping to begin a sway in public opinion. At the state level, they also seek incrementally stronger restriction laws, specifically in the hopes that one will provide grounds for an overturning of Casey v. Planned Parenthood.


The Republican Party believes in immigration laws and immigration reforms that address the needs of national security. The party has always been divided on to exactly what extent immigration laws should be tightened, but as a whole the party believes that a system needs to be in place to ensure that immigrants who enter this country illegally are not provided with the same benefits that legal citizens are. They believe in warmly welcoming those who enter the country through legal methods, while devoting extra resources to keep out those who try to enter via illegal methods, as well as keeping track of those who enter and when they leave. The party believes that amnesty towards those who have broken immigration laws only encourages future immigrants to enter the country illegally rather than legally. While Republicans recognize that the number of foreign immigrants travelling here has enriched our country, they also believe that requiring them to do so legally is vital to the safety of Americans.


Republican views on taxes include the belief that tax reduction is important, but must be done the right way. The party believes that budget surpluses have caused Americans to be overtaxed-a condition that is not only threatening their financial prosperity, but is also hindering (and possibly even reversing) growth to the country’s economy. They also want to limit the top marginal rate, believing it punishes those who have worked hard and invested well. Republicans also wish to make the Research and Development tax credit permanent. These three tax reforms combined, Republicans believe, will encourage and promote entrepreneurship. They also believe in encouraging saving and investments by implementing a tax credit for investments. However, despite their support for lowering taxes, Republicans do believe that tax cuts or tax incentives without any balancing spending cuts are detrimental to the economy.